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Kennon Brown, owner and operator of Hawg Hunter Guide Service, is a licensed guide who is committed to your satisfaction.  He has personally caught 26 largemouth bass over 10 pounds with the largest weighing 13 lbs 12 oz.  Kennon has established two new state line class records... a 7 lb 3 oz largemouth bass on 4 lb test line and a 10 lb 4 oz largemouth bass on 12 lb test line.  Both fish were caught pitching a black/blue JigZilla by Hildebrandt, a jig that Kennon helped develop. 

All of these fish were caught on artificial bait and, after weighing/tagging, were released back into the lake alive.  Besides guiding for largemouth bass, he is knowledgeable in the skills it takes to catch many species of fish.

Kennon also gives seminars on fishing techniques, casting, bait, electronics and more.  He has been taped for fishing shows that have been aired both locally in the Carolinas and across the country on channels such as Outdoor Life and TNN.  Articles about Kennon have been published in various outdoor and fishing magazines, such as Bassmasters, North Carolina Sportsman, North Carolina Game and Fish, and Bassin'. 
He is also involved with AnglersChannel.com, an excellent interactive internet resource for fishing enthusiasts who fish lakes in the Southeast.

Kennon's goal is to guide you to the fish (particularily hawgs, or very big largemouth bass) and give you tips, techniques and hints on successfully catching them.  Your job is to catch the fish, learn, relax, and enjoy your trip.

Are you having a hard time catching fish and just want to see some results? Or, are you seeking the hawgs in the lake?  No matter what your goal is, Hawg Hunter Guide Service is happy to serve you.

More about Kennon...

Kennon Brown has had experiences that make him truly appreciate every day God gives him... he has a love of life and an appreciation of the nature all around him like never before.  You see, Kennon is a cancer survivor.  In 1983 he was diagnosed with melanoma.  Since then he has had 38 operations.  He's had glands removed and major reconstructive surgery, the last of which took place January 2003.  He has gone through the immunotherapy program twice.

When Kennon found out that he had melanoma, the first thing that he did was to take the day off of work and go to Falls Lake.  He spent the day thinking, praying, and soaking up the soothing peace and beauty of his favorite lake.  It was there that he made the determination that he would do what it took to beat the cancer.

Kennon speaks from time to time for the Cancer Support Team at Duke Hospital where he had most of his surgeries.  He has such an appreciation of the world around him that he could spend any day on the lake enjoying nature.  That's the beauty of fishing. 
Caught on Falls Lake on a jig - 10 lbs, 4 oz.
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